Reduce costs and increase productivity with Expo Supplies Vending Machine Hire

Our point of work solution gives your employees and customers access to the right products 24/7.

Expo Supplies Vending offers the following benefits   

  • Consumption reduction of up to 40%
  • Reduction in theft and misuse of items
  • Full audit trail of all items vended
  • Intuitive real time reporting
  • User product rules ensure only items approved for use can be vended
  • Full vendor managed inventory
  • Point of work solution
  • 24/7 availability of products
  • Increased productivity

Trajectory Reporting

Detailed reporting information, the way you want it, anytime, anywhere.Our vending machines automatically update providing real time figures, allowing for accurate data to be extracted. Reports can be pulled at a business overview level or filtered to an individual level. Our self-service reporting systems allow you access to the following reports and many more.


  • Consumption
  • Product location
  • Transaction details
  • Usage summary
  • Device level
  • Inventory total