Rental Terms & Conditions

Expo Supplies Ltd & beMatrix

Rental Period

The rental period will be a maximum of 14 days as of the day of collection/despatch.

The goods always remain the property of Expo Supplies and beMatrix®.

The renter is bound to these rental conditions as soon as the goods are collected whether signed or not.

The renter is responsible for the possession and any application of the goods, which he/she uses for the single purposes designed by the producer.


Rental Price

All shipments, even carriage paid, always travel at the customer’s risk.

The prices are excluding the warehouse labour to pack and prepare the order.



The goods are carried on pallets or in cases. These remain the property of Expo Supplies and beMatrix® and are to be returned when re-delivering the goods.  Missing packaging material will be charged at a replacement cost.



In case of seizure (civil or criminal), the renter will have the rental contract applied and notify Expo Supplies and beMatrix® immediately.  Any damage, costs or loss of the rented goods being the result of a seizure or exertion of any lien whatsoever remain at the renter’s expense.  The rent continues to be due indeed.



The renter commits themselves to returning the rented goods in the condition in which they received them upon expiry of the rental period.

Upon re-delivery, the receipt of the goods will be signed with reservation of damage or missing goods.  A control of incoming goods can be carried out up to 7 days after re-delivery.  If desired, the goods check may occur in the presence of the customer.  The control of incoming goods ranks as conclusive evidence of the damage and/or missing goods recorded. In case the customer leaves the rented goods behind without signing or if he/she refuses to sign for the condition of the goods, the onus of proof is reversed.

Since the control of incoming goods can only assess the externally visible condition of the goods upon re-delivery, an extra reservation continues to exist concerning the possible, not immediately visible damage.

If the renter does not return the rented goods upon expiry of the rental period, a fixed compensation amounting to 7% of the total rental price for each day of delay will come on top of the standard rental price, subject to proven evidence of larger damage.  In such case, the renter commits defalcation or breach of confidence, for which Expo Supplies and beMatrix® will not fail to file a complaint to the competent judicial authorities.



In case the renter returns the rented goods at the end of the rental period in damaged condition, they will be invoiced at half the price of the gross rental tariff.

Goods that can no longer be used for rental will entirely be invoiced and the renter is then able to make free use of them.

In case of damage, the renter will be informed of the repair costs in writing.  If they fail to respond duly and in writing within the set deadline, Expo Supplies will irrevocably assume that the renter agrees with the announced estimate of damage.

Expo Supplies and beMatrix® will then be empowered, in view of reducing the loss of rental income, to proceed to repair without further delay and to recover the costs from the renter upon mere presentation of the repair invoice.

Except for proof of more serious damage, every breach of the correct use of the rented goods will lead to a fixed compensation amounting to £500.00.

Some examples of damage: – Drill, nail or screw holes; – Crushed or broken corners or edges; – Damaged finish or finishing layer with glue residues from adhesive tape, Velcro, etc.; – Greasy or dirty stains resulting from use in kitchen on the stand; – Bent, shortened or scratched parts; – All sorts of damage caused by improper use.