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On-site Rental Solutions

Do you want each of your projects to be unique and outstanding with minimal investment? Are you interested in growing your business without paying to ship beMatrix frames unnecessarily? How about designing experiences for your clients without being limited by your stock?

We are proud to announce our beMatrix rental solution on-site at The NEC providing rental on frames, hardware, iZi-Range, and Xtreme Solutions®.

Our beMatrix Rental Network at Expo Supplies offers a large variety of beMatrix frames, Xtreme Solutions®, and other beMatrix products to support you. Both domestic and international orders can be placed, filled, and delivered quickly, so there is no reason not to participate.

On-site Location

With Expo Supplies located on-site at the NEC, ordering, collecting, building and returning beMatrix is super easy.

No Extra Costs

There’s no need to pay for transportation or storage fees when you rent beMatrix from Expo Supplies.

Expert Knowledge

Our beMatrix experts are on-site and ready to help advise you all things beMatrix, from enquiry through to the build.

Build & Dismantle

We offer and build and dismantle service on all beMatrix rentals, so you can simply order it and we will do the rest.

Located within The NEC


beMatrix has the look and design of a traditional building while having the modularity and possibilities of a system. By combining aluminium frames with panels or textiles in a clever way, beMatrix bridges the gap between traditional wood construction and prefabrication.

The never-ending product development makes sure the system can cope with almost every design. An important development for the stand-building world is the evolution to real seamless solutions.

As you fix our panels, textiles or alternative infills onto the frames and not in between structures, the structure is hardly visible, leaving more space for graphics and giving it a clean design look.

As the structure is not seen, damages or scratches do not shorten the life cycle of the system.

Enquire about beMatrix

Call us +44 (0) 121 780 4851


Our Expo Supplies store staff are on hand to help aid you in your build if ever you forget anything, we offer beMatrix rental onsite and larger Xtreme solutions through Taylex Group.

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Located within The NEC

Located within The NEC Expo Supplies has secured a prime location by The NEC Birmingham. Situated at the back of Hall 3 opposite door 3.4

Opening hours

Monday to Friday - 8am to 6pm

Saturday & Sunday - 8am to 4pm

(Open weekends for build days only, times may differ)