BeMatrix Double Deck Stands


No limits on your creativity with our Xtreme Solutions


BeMatrix Double Deck Stands – The world of stand-building never ceases to evolve. Stands become increasingly large in size, and more conspicuous, with influences from the AV sector demanding more bearing capacity of the actual structures.

Since beMatrix closely monitors trends in the industry, we offer another great solution: the Xtreme solutions. The sky is the limit, literally. Towering stands, large spans, … it’s all possible now!




beTruss allows you to build stands of any size, no matter how big, with one single (stand construction) system. No more breaking a sweat over mounting points! From now on, you can erect your load-bearing stand with ease, in no time at all. 

Identical to the b62 frame system, all dimensions are based on 62 × 62 mm, so perfectly usable with existing frames thanks to the specially designed load-bearing connector.

The b310 structure can be finished with panels as well as with textiles and therefore perfectly integrated into the stand design.









Double Deck

A second floor really allows you to get everything out of your stand’s surface. beMatrix’ double deck system doesn’t only increase the number of square footage, but is also wholly compatible with existing product ranges, easy to integrate and to finish with the beMatrix frame system. That way, the structure and look and feel of your stand totally come together!

beMatrix provides all the support you need to set up your stand. Stability, safety as well as perfect aesthetic integration are equally important. We will make sure your stand’s look is impeccable and compliant with all rules and regulations.









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