Sanitising & Deodorising Solutions for Every Industry

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Now available from Expo Supplies

X-Mist has Revolutionised how we tackle hygiene.


Stop & Eliminate foul smells, Bacteria, Germs, VIRUSES & mould.  We are proud to present our latest product range in the field of sanitisation.

This revolutionary new “easy to use” broad-spectrum germicide is formulated specifically for deodorising and sanitising all type’s of space from hospitals, clinics and hotel rooms to vehicles and aircraft.

You place the can on the floor in the middle of the room, press the button, then leave the room.

The XMist canister dispenses a fine mist that fills a space completely, from ceiling to floor. The fog fills any enclosed space, eliminating germs, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms upon contact.

XMist cans allow you to quickly and easily sanitise any enclosed space with just the push of a button.