Manaing Director

Trying to find ways we can help contractors and exhibitors is always at the forefront of my mind. Constantly introducing new products and stock lines into the shop takes up most of my time. The world of exhibitions is changing rapidly and Expo supplies needs to been seen as the Exhibition supply store holding the right items to get your stand built.

Store manager

Having been stationed here at the NEC for nearly 20 years I have seen many faces and contractors come and go. Now one year in with Expo supplies and I have had to learn all the new up to date product lines we have introduced.

We now offer a far wider range of products than ever before.

I’m now looking forward to promoting the shop even further and offering a greater service than ever!!

In-Store Staff

I have the job of promoting Expo Supplies, and this has been no easy Task!!

However, the job is exciting and every day brings a new challenge.

If I’m not in the office contacting customer and organisers direct, I’m down the halls introducing myself and telling people about Expo Supplies great services.

Just shout me if you see me!!!

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